Cheating states that a significant performs any type of intimate acts with another significant other ❕❕


Cheating is also when a person is in a relationship and breakers the trust with the other person that they are in a relationship with this doesn’t matter if you have been together 1 month or 12 years.

Some forms of cheating include:

  • Kissing
  • Getting close with another person
  • Sexual intercourse (including vaginal, anal)

There is also emotional cheating this is when someone forms a close bond with someone of your gender and basically is forming a second relationship while still in your committed relationship.  This may or may not include physical cheating


Cheating can mean many different things it could be:

  • cheating on a test,
  • cheating the law
  • And the main one is cheating on a relationship

Cheating in a relationship is when you start seeing someone else more regularly, and become more committed to this cheating relationship rather than tour other relationship, this relationship will then turn to a fully committed relationship and with the “I love you” but does it really have to be a fully committed relationship when the 3 words come out, and if there is any point staying in your last relationship that you have just started in

There has to be a point  in time when in both relationship, you will need to choose what one you want to be with and how you may be making the other person may feel.

At this point, you are probably hearing voices in your head:

  • Well what if I chose the wrong person?
  • What if I just ended it with the person I really wanted?
  • What if I get stuck in this relationship?

At some point, you have will need to make the jump and decide to go all in with one relationship or choose to end it all with both. Although you may feel letdown and feel horrible you will have to choose eventually of what you will want later in your life, but always remember that even though this relationship may have failed it doesn’t mean that there isn’t still someone out there for you.