👵Things couple should do👴

Its important that couples doing things together to keep the relationship health and so you can try new things with your significant other. Some of these things may include

🍨 Date night: 🥂

Its important in relationships that you enjoy a night out with each other. Ensure that your making it exciting and something new that you may not of done before. If you are having trouble with making a date night interesting, think of a a date you may of had an put a pin into it.

👫 Practice forgiveness: 💏

its important for all relationships to have forgiveness for what may have happened in the past, but it also import to carry no anger with each other and have a clear mind

 🎆Have fun together: 🎉

Its import that relationship still have fun, ensuring that you are laughing. Ensuring that you both forgive when you know your in the wrong or have done something that you should be forgivable for then it’s something that you and your significant other are doing for each other

💑Support each other through the good and the bad👫

To support each other within your relationship then it’s important that you support each other when your partner may be in a difficult situation. Some of these things could consist of,

Listening  to each other when your significant other needs someone to talk to

Be encouraging to your partner by offering a new hooby for them to start to be able to take their mind off what may be worrying them or causing stress.

Ensuring that you give your partner a safe place and won’t feel vulnerable and won’t be feared of being judged in their safe place.