🚫Dating people your parent’s don’t agree with 🚫

When dating any person your parents don’t agree with it become hard on your and your relationship with not only on your parents but also with your partner that you are with.

There are ways of dealing with your parents not accepting with you want to be with. It’s important that you don’t be violent towards your parents because you want to try and change their mind of the person you want to be with.

here are some tips on a way of dealing with your parents and trying to change their mind so that they can see that the person you want to be with isn’t like anyone you have been with before.

set up a get together: By having a get together with your parents to meet your partner within a public place so that your parents will be able to see what they are like outside of the home.

You shouldn’t force your parents too meet your partner either, but sit down with them and ask why they might not accept your partner and when would be a good time to all sit down together and meet.

Ensure that your partner doesn’t feel rejected: Feeling rejected because your parents don’t accept your partner and or visa versa its important to keep talking with your partner informing them that you still love them and it shouldn’t matter what their parents thinks.