👱👦dating single parents 👧👶

When dating a people who have children, you have to consider that they might not have another parent that they go to ever other week. When meeting a new person its always a big thing but remember that the person your going to be seeing may have children.

when meeting them for the first time it may be hard to adjust to dating someone who has children, but you need to interact with the children as well as the pron you are seeing.

Its important that you don’t continually ask “ when are your children going to leave” You need to remember that the children are the most important people in their lives, and if you are wanting to continuously seeing this person you need to remember about the children and involve them in outing and don’t just think about yourself and the other person.

I’m not a professional but I have been in this situation where myself as a children was completely ignored by men who would come and meet my mum and keep asking when am i going to be leaving. It make you as a child as the most important person in your mum’s life then be completely ignored. when he doesn’t want to give you any attention given or wanting you to get out of the house so he can “have her” yet i continuously say I’m no going anywhere so you are just going to have to deal with me coming out o my bedroom and interacting with these new people coming into my own home.

🚫Dating people your parent’s don’t agree with 🚫

When dating any person your parents don’t agree with it become hard on your and your relationship with not only on your parents but also with your partner that you are with.

There are ways of dealing with your parents not accepting with you want to be with. It’s important that you don’t be violent towards your parents because you want to try and change their mind of the person you want to be with.

here are some tips on a way of dealing with your parents and trying to change their mind so that they can see that the person you want to be with isn’t like anyone you have been with before.

set up a get together: By having a get together with your parents to meet your partner within a public place so that your parents will be able to see what they are like outside of the home.

You shouldn’t force your parents too meet your partner either, but sit down with them and ask why they might not accept your partner and when would be a good time to all sit down together and meet.

Ensure that your partner doesn’t feel rejected: Feeling rejected because your parents don’t accept your partner and or visa versa its important to keep talking with your partner informing them that you still love them and it shouldn’t matter what their parents thinks.


👵Things couple should do👴

Its important that couples doing things together to keep the relationship health and so you can try new things with your significant other. Some of these things may include

🍨 Date night: 🥂

Its important in relationships that you enjoy a night out with each other. Ensure that your making it exciting and something new that you may not of done before. If you are having trouble with making a date night interesting, think of a a date you may of had an put a pin into it.

👫 Practice forgiveness: 💏

its important for all relationships to have forgiveness for what may have happened in the past, but it also import to carry no anger with each other and have a clear mind

 🎆Have fun together: 🎉

Its import that relationship still have fun, ensuring that you are laughing. Ensuring that you both forgive when you know your in the wrong or have done something that you should be forgivable for then it’s something that you and your significant other are doing for each other

💑Support each other through the good and the bad👫

To support each other within your relationship then it’s important that you support each other when your partner may be in a difficult situation. Some of these things could consist of,

Listening  to each other when your significant other needs someone to talk to

Be encouraging to your partner by offering a new hooby for them to start to be able to take their mind off what may be worrying them or causing stress.

Ensuring that you give your partner a safe place and won’t feel vulnerable and won’t be feared of being judged in their safe place.

All relationships are different

Each relationship is different from each other. Knowing how to get advice to other people when being in a similar situation. But knowing how serious it is you may not know.

But it’s important for yourself to know when your relationship is becoming unstable and when you should take action to protect yourself from anything serious


please remember that I’m not a professional and that I’m tell you from my experience and how different my past relationship and the difference between mine and their relationship