Staying too long in a relationship

Do you ever feel like you’ve stayed in your relationship too long?

Do you not feel the spark you had for each other?

Well this can happen, and its not happening just to you many other couples are going through the same thing as you are. Knowing when you should leave a relationship is important.

Are you making up reasons to stay together?

Are you staying together because of your family? including children?

Its important that you talk to your partner, about how you are both feeling and if to go in different directs, this becomes harder when children are involved. When children become involved this is when you have to think of yourself but also your children. If they are old enough sit down with them and talk to them explain to them what is going to be happening and work out what the children may want to do.

Dealing with what is going on in reality rather then leaving it because you don’t want to hurt someone is more hurtful on yourself, its important that you are considering your feelings about what is going on rather then dragging the relationship on and not feeling the love you use to have for each other.